Women, more specifically Mothers.

This past week, I have heard on the radio and seen on social media, a lot of negative opinions on the subject regarding mothers and their “right” to post “sexy”/revealing/”tasteless” pictures/videos of themselves on social media. 
& I would like to share my opinion in honor of this past Women’s Day (Wednesday, March 8th). 

In my opinion any person (of age) should be able to post WTF ever they want to post on their social media outlets; a women, even a mother 🙊, is no exception. 

An argument towards mothers covering up, I have heard is that kids may see their Mother’s cleavage and/or other exposed body parts 🙀. I am not sorry to say, but if any woman wants to post a picture of themselves being themselves & their child has a problem with… their child can bring it up to them; anyone else’s opinion is irrelevant (even mine). 

In all reality, the sooner a child learns that his/her mother is her own person and not solely a maternal caretaker the better, because (I believe) women were made for more than having babies and dying. 

I am so surprised that in 2017 so many men and women alike believe that once a woman becomes a mother it means she should begin to cover up and keep it G rated on social media. 🤢. Meanwhile, all the baby daddies are free to look at other women’s “cleavage” and/or etc. on social media, but it’s okay because those women aren’t moms yet. 😒.

I don’t want my anger to take away from the message I wanted to give… so I will conclude with this:

To all my mommies out there, get them titties (that have changed a bit since breastfeeding) all the way up, and post that sexy AF pic… that you know your man or whomever will repost because you look so bomb. 💋💋💋

Busy Mommy of Tuna

One thought on “Women, more specifically Mothers.

  1. I agree with you, a woman definitely has the right to post whatever photos of herself, she wants on social media, no matter if she is a mother or not. Being a mother should not change that. I think that women as a whole should think about the messages they send about themselves when they wear certain things. Great post. Thank you for sharing. Please check out my blog and some of my posts, i would love your feedback!

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