When Being Happy Is Hard

Today, sadness came over me so strongly & I could not understand why. 

I have been very positive lately. I mean, I cleaned my house and made dinner everyday for the last week (pretty big achievement 😎). But for the life of me I could not get happy in many moments of today. 

So you know what I did? I just felt the sadness & I cried like a baby 😭😭😭. I accepted the emotion and I allowed myself to cry. & it was freaking great.

I don’t know about y’all, but I LOVE a good cry. Because immediately after I’m done I feel way (waaaaaayy) better and usually, I laugh about why I was crying in the first place.

Sometimes I think a reason men are so crazy and annoying, because they don’t let themselves cry (for their own manly reasons…) & thus, sadness transmutes into anger. 

Anyway, when being happy is hard, feel the unhappy emotion, let it be, and then let it go. 😳😤🙄🤔😌. 

In my experience, I was already [fill in any unhappy emotion here] before the outside event/person “made” me feel that way. 

I think the mistake we make too often is in spreading the unchecked unhappy emotions/vibes to other people, i.e.: bullying, impatience with your kids, blaming, outbursts, etc.

Still, my road to enlightenment has yet been completed, but then again is there an end to that road? IDK, probably not 😅.

Busy Mommy of Tuna

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