Clean Machine 2017

Clean Machine 2017

I planned to have my whole house & person cleaned before the 1st day of 2017, but yea, it’s not 🙃.

So, I decided to clean out this place and this soul of mine, deeply and (hopefully 😳) completely before January is over. 

My to do list includes:

  1. 3-day detox (to be repeated every month);
  2. Shampoo the carpet & mattresses;
  3. Throw out any and all unneeded/unused/unloved crap 💩;
  4. Spiritually prepare for a healthy lifestyle & mindset.

Basically, I need to throw out all the crap to prepare for all the good I intend to replace it with. & even if nothing “good” replaces the empty space… I prefer that (completely empty 🌬🌬🌬) space.

Especially after this (for me) eventful 2016 year, I am SO ready to do only things that align with the person I ultimately am. (You know… the best person You always are, minus all the wrong choices.)

I’ve come to understand that all we have in this life are choices. & whether I choose to see it or not, I have chosen the life I live now. & with each additional choice I make, I can change it… or not.

Anywho 💁🏻…

I will strive to make choices that only get me to the Better Me. & first I choose to rid my house & myself of the unnecessary clutter of the past. 

What is everyone else doing in 2017? 

Has everyone else broke their diets already 😩? 

Whelp, good luck my friends!

Busy Mommy of Tuna

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