So I read somewhere one should not blog while mad. 😆. But as dramatic as I am I cannot help it today.

So… I’m pregnant. Yay 🙃. & I’m tired, & I’m constantly chasing around two toddlers all day (even more during work). 

My Husband was suppose to be out of town for work, for another week. When he showed up Sunday night I was happy at first, until he started to complain.

“When’s the last time you did laundry?”

“Should I cut your nephews hair… seems like you only tie it up once a week.”‘

“So what is for dinner… oh, no dinner made again?”

I’m sure women who’s men go out of town regularly can understand what I’m going through. 😣.

I literally have been so tired. I usually never nap with my boys, but since being pregnant I have taken a (3 hour) nap with them everyday.

To keep myself even more busy I have volunteered myself to dogsit for my aunty. The boys, the dogs, & I have been having a great week. We’ve been playing outside, walking, NuNu (my puppy) has Rocky to play with, & my son has learned how to let the dogs outside & call them back inside. 

Then My Husband comes home. & yea I have been slacking on chores. & yea it hurts to hear that I haven’t done my job. 
As a “stay at home mom”, how am I suppose to communicate to My Husband that I feel overwhelmed (when I should be able to handle everything)? Is it normal for such “husbandly” comments to really really hurt my feelings? Am I just a sensitive pregnant woman? Does anyone understand how hard being a mom is?

I started a part time job in the beginning of October. The best thing is I can bring the two boys with me. & the church I work for is great, but like any job it’s additional responsibilty.

& I’m barely making it. 

I’ve always been a perfectionist, who never sticks to anything, because the stress to complete something drives me so crazy, I’m not great to be around. 

Since being pregnant I’ve stopped my anti depressants too, & that probably doesn’t help raging hormones. 

My Husband is only doing exactly what I use to do when I came home from work to see him relaxing. 

& I was slacking. & I was waiting for the day before he got home to actually clean.

Anywho, I feel better now. & can get back to laundry 🙃.

So lesson to be learned: when someone upsets you, ask yourself why you are upset, not why the person is doing something that upsets you. 

In my case, I feel inadequate, & My Husband being honest makes me feel like he sees me the way I see myself… inadequate.

I need to be more understanding with myself. 

Sincerely Yours,
Busy Mommy of Tuna

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