Women, more specifically Mothers.

This past week, I have heard on the radio and seen on social media, a lot of negative opinions on the subject regarding mothers and their “right” to post “sexy”/revealing/”tasteless” pictures/videos of themselves on social media. 
& I would like to share my opinion in honor of this past Women’s Day (Wednesday, March 8th). 

In my opinion any person (of age) should be able to post WTF ever they want to post on their social media outlets; a women, even a mother πŸ™Š, is no exception. 

An argument towards mothers covering up, I have heard is that kids may see their Mother’s cleavage and/or other exposed body parts πŸ™€. I am not sorry to say, but if any woman wants to post a picture of themselves being themselves & their child has a problem with… their child can bring it up to them; anyone else’s opinion is irrelevant (even mine). 

In all reality, the sooner a child learns that his/her mother is her own person and not solely a maternal caretaker the better, because (I believe) women were made for more than having babies and dying. 

I am so surprised that in 2017 so many men and women alike believe that once a woman becomes a mother it means she should begin to cover up and keep it G rated on social media. 🀒. Meanwhile, all the baby daddies are free to look at other women’s “cleavage” and/or etc. on social media, but it’s okay because those women aren’t moms yet. πŸ˜’.

I don’t want my anger to take away from the message I wanted to give… so I will conclude with this:

To all my mommies out there, get them titties (that have changed a bit since breastfeeding) all the way up, and post that sexy AF pic… that you know your man or whomever will repost because you look so bomb. πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

Busy Mommy of Tuna

Sunday’s Stream of Un-Consciousness

It’s Sunday afternoon; I am just waking up. Everything looks foggy. My eyebrows feel especially heavy, as if they are holding up a 60 pound brain, πŸ™„. My house is pretty dirty. I decided to skip chores yesterday, because I freaking can 😏 that’s why. Ugh, when I woke up Nunu 🐢 was locked in the bathroom, which automatically put me in an annoyed mood. There’s so much laundry to do, and a book I need to finish. Maybe I will get a better paying job & then pay someone to come over and clean. There’s no recognition in being a stay at home mom. Not that I need recognition, rather we need money more, & that may make everyone in the house a little happier, well everyone except my son. Blah. It’s so nice outside. I need to get some winter boots & enjoy it, but who knows when I’ll actually do that πŸ˜“, or anything fun. Ugh I’m so tired. Guess I’ll have to start going to church next Sunday. Where are My Annoying & Tuna? I guess I will just make waffles. Addios.

When Being Happy Is Hard

Today, sadness came over me so strongly & I could not understand why. 

I have been very positive lately. I mean, I cleaned my house and made dinner everyday for the last week (pretty big achievement 😎). But for the life of me I could not get happy in many moments of today. 

So you know what I did? I just felt the sadness & I cried like a baby 😭😭😭. I accepted the emotion and I allowed myself to cry. & it was freaking great.

I don’t know about y’all, but I LOVE a good cry. Because immediately after I’m done I feel way (waaaaaayy) better and usually, I laugh about why I was crying in the first place.

Sometimes I think a reason men are so crazy and annoying, because they don’t let themselves cry (for their own manly reasons…) & thus, sadness transmutes into anger. 

Anyway, when being happy is hard, feel the unhappy emotion, let it be, and then let it go. πŸ˜³πŸ˜€πŸ™„πŸ€”πŸ˜Œ. 

In my experience, I was already [fill in any unhappy emotion here] before the outside event/person “made” me feel that way. 

I think the mistake we make too often is in spreading the unchecked unhappy emotions/vibes to other people, i.e.: bullying, impatience with your kids, blaming, outbursts, etc.

Still, my road to enlightenment has yet been completed, but then again is there an end to that road? IDK, probably not πŸ˜….

Busy Mommy of Tuna

Clean Machine 2017

Clean Machine 2017

I planned to have my whole house & person cleaned before the 1st day of 2017, but yea, it’s not πŸ™ƒ.

So, I decided to clean out this place and this soul of mine, deeply and (hopefully 😳) completely before January is over. 

My to do list includes:

  1. 3-day detox (to be repeated every month);
  2. Shampoo the carpet & mattresses;
  3. Throw out any and all unneeded/unused/unloved crap πŸ’©;
  4. Spiritually prepare for a healthy lifestyle & mindset.

Basically, I need to throw out all the crap to prepare for all the good I intend to replace it with. & even if nothing β€œgood” replaces the empty space… I prefer that (completely empty 🌬🌬🌬) space.

Especially after this (for me) eventful 2016 year, I am SO ready to do only things that align with the person I ultimately am. (You know… the best person You always are, minus all the wrong choices.)

I’ve come to understand that all we have in this life are choices. & whether I choose to see it or not, I have chosen the life I live now. & with each additional choice I make, I can change it… or not.

Anywho πŸ’πŸ»β€¦

I will strive to make choices that only get me to the Better Me. & first I choose to rid my house & myself of the unnecessary clutter of the past. 

What is everyone else doing in 2017? 

Has everyone else broke their diets already 😩? 

Whelp, good luck my friends!

Busy Mommy of Tuna

I Don’t Want to Leave You in 2016.

A week after I married My Annoying, I found out I was pregnant. 😱

I planned to get pregnant soon after, but this was not exactly what I was thinking. I guess nothing ever is.

From mid October until now, I have been sleeping, A LOT. 

I have barely made it to work on time; & I have barely cleaned my house; & I have barely been cooking for my family; & I have been so mean to everyone I love, because I was so disappointed in my lack of achievement.

I guess when you’re pregnant you chalk it all up to just that, being pregnant.

I didn’t blog, because I only had complaints to share. & with my sense of humor, I would just be making fun of myself. I was in the midst of crazy, & I barely made it out alive. 

In fact, all of me didn’t make it out alive.

On Tuesday, December 13, 2016, I found out that my baby “stopped growing”. 

I also found out it may take weeks for my body to realize same, & my pregnancy symptoms would continue until that realization.

Christmas came (& thanks to my family, Tuna actually had one). I didn’t put up a tree, I didn’t send Christmas cards, & I didn’t even get Tuna a picture with Santa. 

Along with my unborn baby, hope had died in me.  

Often when I experience turbulence, I visualize the future & how whatever I’m going through will be worth it when “that great day” comes. But now “that great day”, the birth my beautiful child, will never come. 

I felt as though this pregnancy was in vain. Even though, I know now that it wasn’t.

I needed to slow down. I needed to appreciate everyone in my life again. & I needed to forgive myself for not being prefect. 

I don’t know if you’ve had a miscarriage before, but the first thing I did was blame myself. 

“I did drink Red Bull(s), I never drank those with Tuna’s pregnancy.” 

“Me and My Annoying have been fighting more than normal.”

“I let myself stress out too much.”

& contrary to that self blame mind pattern, 1 in 5 pregnancies end in miscarriage in the first 12 weeks for reasons beyond the mother’s control. I just happened to be 11 weeks when I found out. 

I’m still struggling, but I feel like there is more love inside my heart than there was before, like my little angel is with me telling me everything is okay and everything will always be okay.

I’ve become more present in everything & more aware of my reactions that unnecessarily spread negativity.

When tragedy happens, you can be sad & still be joyful. You can honor whatever/whomever that was & still live now. You have to. 

Busy Mommy of Tuna


So I read somewhere one should not blog while mad. πŸ˜†. But as dramatic as I am I cannot help it today.

So… I’m pregnant. Yay πŸ™ƒ. & I’m tired, & I’m constantly chasing around two toddlers all day (even more during work). 

My Husband was suppose to be out of town for work, for another week. When he showed up Sunday night I was happy at first, until he started to complain.

“When’s the last time you did laundry?”

“Should I cut your nephews hair… seems like you only tie it up once a week.”‘

“So what is for dinner… oh, no dinner made again?”

I’m sure women who’s men go out of town regularly can understand what I’m going through. 😣.

I literally have been so tired. I usually never nap with my boys, but since being pregnant I have taken a (3 hour) nap with them everyday.

To keep myself even more busy I have volunteered myself to dogsit for my aunty. The boys, the dogs, & I have been having a great week. We’ve been playing outside, walking, NuNu (my puppy) has Rocky to play with, & my son has learned how to let the dogs outside & call them back inside. 

Then My Husband comes home. & yea I have been slacking on chores. & yea it hurts to hear that I haven’t done my job. 
As a “stay at home mom”, how am I suppose to communicate to My Husband that I feel overwhelmed (when I should be able to handle everything)? Is it normal for such “husbandly” comments to really really hurt my feelings? Am I just a sensitive pregnant woman? Does anyone understand how hard being a mom is?

I started a part time job in the beginning of October. The best thing is I can bring the two boys with me. & the church I work for is great, but like any job it’s additional responsibilty.

& I’m barely making it. 

I’ve always been a perfectionist, who never sticks to anything, because the stress to complete something drives me so crazy, I’m not great to be around. 

Since being pregnant I’ve stopped my anti depressants too, & that probably doesn’t help raging hormones. 

My Husband is only doing exactly what I use to do when I came home from work to see him relaxing. 

& I was slacking. & I was waiting for the day before he got home to actually clean.

Anywho, I feel better now. & can get back to laundry πŸ™ƒ.

So lesson to be learned: when someone upsets you, ask yourself why you are upset, not why the person is doing something that upsets you. 

In my case, I feel inadequate, & My Husband being honest makes me feel like he sees me the way I see myself… inadequate.

I need to be more understanding with myself. 

Sincerely Yours,
Busy Mommy of Tuna